Step1    Read, Agree, Fill Out and Sign...
  the ISR Agreement acknowledging you have read and agree with the Policies and Procedures.

There is no fee attached to this step.

Upon completion of filling out the personal information portion, reading, agreeing to obey company rules in spirit and deed and all the policies and procedures of the company you receive FREE:

A. An ISR account number unique to you. This account number will be your official company ID# used to identify and track all your activity as an ISR and as a customer if you choose to be one. Your tracking account number connects you directly to your sponsor and those you enlist personally as sales team members and to all direct sales you make to customers.

B. A company website with the webname you provided is now available for you to direct customers and prospective sales team members for marketing purposes. There is no cost it is FREE.

C. A company online back office is now ready for you to track your personal and team sales. There are features for viewing commissions, a custom made Support Call System that connects you directly with the home office and a graphical viewer to look at your downline. There is no cost it is FREE.

Step 2 Become Commission Qualified...
  which starts by making 2 sales to third party people who are not in the company. 

An ISR is paid a commission of $150 when his sales team has accumulated sales of 3 and 3.

These sales may all be made DIRECTLY by an ISR himself or made INDIRECTLY by others in that ISRs two sales teams or a combination of both DIRECT and INDIRECT sales.

Step 3 ISRs Earn Commissions...
  Commissions are earned when an Independent Sales Representative (ISR) has accumulated a minimum total of 3 sales right and 3 sales left within his sales organization.  Once commission qualified that accumulation is made up sales credits from both personal sales and those made by anyone in his sales organization. Every additional 3 and 3 will pay an additional $150 commission. 




  Every time you have an additional
3 Sales Left & 3 Sales Right
you earn another $150.


Total $600




Total $1050


It just goes on and on...You and your team's production are the determining factor in how large your income can be.



Total $1950


Total $2850

It just keeps going...


Matching Bonus Qualification Information
  • There is a matching bonus of 20% of all your personally sponsored people's Binary Commission total.
  • To receive this bonus you must have personally sponsored 6 Energy Consultants.
  • There is an additional matching bonus of an additional 20% on each of their personally sponsored people's Binary Commission totals when you have personally sponsored 6 additional Energy Consultants for a total of 12 Energy Consultants to your team.
  • From the time a new Independent Sales Representative joins us they can become Matching Bonus Qualified for the next 30 Days by having their iZagg Energy Certification Funds arrive at the homeoffice within 7 (seven) days of their join date (day).
  • If within Your 30 (thirty) days of being Automatically Matching Bonus Qualified you have 2 (two) direct Certification Sales personally and they each get their iZagg Energy Certification Funds to the homeoffice within 7 (seven) days of their join date, YOU will be Automatically Matching Bonus Qualified for an Extended 60 (sixty) days for a TOTAL of 90 (ninety) days Automatically Matching Bonus Qualified.